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We take pride in introducing ourselves as India’s No.1 aviation school. C Z A   in its widest reach, helping individuals prepare for the aviation sector and related fields at an affordable Cost, a unit of career zone careerzone study.com has , in a short span of time, registered a steady growth , providing bright and highly competitive individuals to the airlines and Travel & tourism industry

It is our belief that” it doesn’t matter where one comes from. What matters is one headed for the mantra has helped us evolve and transform a many students’ careers whose past record Wasn’t too impressive. The courses we offer have uniqueness in that they cover all the aspects from the ground at the airports to the air and in the air operations as well as covering fields of travel & tourism And hospitality. As we are of the renowned flight school situated in Delhi which gives valuable consultancy. To the intelligent and smart students who assume to become a pilot and flight trainees. We have a proven track in study abroad, admission, visa consultancy you guys check

Us on www.carrezone study .com , www.carrezoneeducation.

In Career zone aviation started by verinder Singh Rana who has vast experience to place the Students in various colleges and universities all over the world.

Our thrust area is to provide a pilot Training to the ambitious students, who is born For flight and to be keen to become a pilot. Career zone aviation value its students and their ambitions so give them the guidance to Choose a right path and make their future on the right direction. Our flight Training Programs are set in a structured environment to ensure the student recevies the knowledge that is required to be a professional pilot. CZA Committed for  students for World class Training and an affordable price contact us today at career zone aviation.

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Start your career to become a pilot or airline dispatcher today complete career zone contact us information below and a brochure will be mailed to in you if you want any additional information a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Five Facts About Flight Training:

  • FACT: The current recession has created fierce competition for jobs in all industries. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to start your flight training in an industry that has tremendous Potential
  • FACT: Airline jobs are not going away, the demand is beginning to increase. For many current airline pilots, the mandatory retirement age is approaching!
  • FACT: The FAA is now taking a more serious look at airline pilot flight training. This is forcing the airline industry to take a harder look at candidates for pilot replacements!
  • FACT: Professional Pilots must now have first-rate knowledge and continually upgraded skills if they want to hear the word "Hired!" Pilots who train at quality aviation schools and who possess the technical knowledge, first-rate flying skills and a professional attitude will have the hiring edge!
  • FACT: Professionalism and knowledge are now prerequisites for entrance into the worldwide airline industry. Fast paced, "fast track" programs, or self-study courses will not meet the new airline industry standards.