Flight Dispatcher

  • If you have passion for aviation consider a career as an airline dispatcher one of the most exciting and best paying jobs in the airline industry, commercial aviation is expanding world wide and now is an excellent time you to  begin this exciting career position are available with airline throughout the world. After fishing flight dispatcher program you will be ready to work in an airline operations control centre, making decision and  Sharing responsibility with an airline captain regarding daily flight operations, ‘You will be the captain on the ground’.
  • An airline dispatcher plays flights (based on weather, air craft maintenance airport navigational facilities, notices to airman alternate airport etc.)
  • The dispatcher also may cancel or delay flights to ensure the safty of each flights.
  • You typically work in central office that controls all the flights for your airline.
  • The dispatcher is in indeed  a very important person in the operation of an airline CZA  will assist you to obtain admission and visa.
  • The flight dispatcher must be 21 years of age to sit in aircraft dispatcher knowledge test and practical exam.